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Today we left Haikou. We are currently on the plane to Beijing, and feeling thrilled about it. Living in a Chinese city for the last year has been full of all kinds of emotions, but I will spare you the reflection piece. I imagine if I try and write an etherial and emotion invoking post it will get muddled and messy. One paragraph in the reader and myself would be confused, and I would just end up deleting the post all together. Instead, inspired by one my father’s favorite movies High Fidelity, I will give you a few of my tops.

Things that utterly disgust me, and I will not miss
1. Packaged and or pickled chicken feet
2. The phlegmy sounds made by men in airports that inevitably leads to indoor snot rockets
3. Red stained teeth of taxi drivers indicating they are high as a kite and willing to to risk your life in traffic
4. People clipping their nails on the bus nonchalantly
5. Kids pooping on sidewalks, in trash cans and in buckets
6. Watching cats get blow torched in Old Town

Things I initially trash talked but have grown to appreciate
1. Authentic, non canteen Chinese cuisine
2. Umbrellas as sun protection
3. The 2.5 hour nap time after lunch
4. Hugging snot filled, sweat covered, coughing children
5. Funky phone covers in the shape of animals and cartoons
6. Tsing Tao
7. The stench of fish markets

Things I have always loved about Haikou, and will miss terribly
1. Coconuts: fresh, dried, juice, oil, flakes, meat, milk and trees
2. Chow Bing, a frozen fresh fruit dessert made to order, and unique to Haikou
3. Surfing in the warm waters of the South China sea
4. The street market behind our apartment building where you can find anything from passion fruit to a seamstress
5. Sitting on the streets in the evenings drinking beers with Cody in the warm night air
6. Starting every morning singing and dancing with 25 of the cutest kiddos
7. The flexibility that comes with little to no responsibilities

It has been quite a ride…


Embrace the chaos

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